Matthias Horx - Oona Strathern
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Interview for a Slovenian Paper

October 2017, Portoroz

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The Factivist

In Memory of Hans Rosling

Photographer Jörgen Hildebrandt,

In memory of Hans Rosling, master of global confidence

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Future Brain –
Why companies need future think tanks

The "Zukunftsinstitut" was founded in 1999 and has developed into a think tank for companies. We plan, curate, organise and implement think rooms for strategic management. Our best results are achieved with long-term customer relations. But in which spirit and with which background?

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New speech: The Next Globalisation

How the next phase of globalisation will reframe politics, economy and culture.

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New speech: Futurology 3.0

How the science of Evolutionary Integrated Futurism leads us to a better understanding of the world.

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The Future House Project:

A live experiment with smart technologies.

New energy concepts and family lifestyles of the 21st century. Grand opening: 2010.

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Seoul, South Korea

World Design Cities Summit

23-24 February 2010

How will the cities of the future look? And what on earth was a German Futurist doing in Korea. Matthias Horx was invited to give the opening speech for World Design Capital Conference. The event takes place every two years in a different city and highlights how design in all its forms impacts on urbanisation. Here you can read reports on redesigning cites from the conference in English and Korean....   >> Read more

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Weekly BIZ, South Korea

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Succeed 01/10:

Throwing fear overboard.

Matthias Horx sees the current economic crisis as a productive process for a necessary change in the economy, politics and society.

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Looking Back to the Future

Dec. 29th, 2009, deutschewelleenglisch

In his latest work, Matthias Horx draws lessons from the past and warns of the danger of anxiety and collective hysteria. Horx himself takes an optimistic view of the future and urges readers to see change as an opportunity to be seized. ARTS.21 talks to Horx about his vision of the future.

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4th European Futurists Conference Lucerne 2008

Matthias Horx: "The Futurist's Paradox" – Is it really good to know the future?

How expectation, chance and error make the world go round. Why we can predict more and more things - new developments in probability sciences and data management. The future of futurists: How we can survive and thrive in the ever growing market of predictions.

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How We Will Live:
A Synthesis of Life in the Future

In a synthesis between fiction and non-fiction this book takes us on a journey of possible human development through the next 100 years. It looks at the big socio-cultural shifts and asks challenging and provocative questions about everything from birth and belief to death and disaster.

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